5 top tips to help you save on your next grocery bill

Buying groceries is one of those mundane, yet necessary parts of life. Whether you buy groceries on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, there is always a way to cut costs – even if it’s by just a little.
In many households, buying groceries takes up a large chunk of your budget. That is why it is so important to save where you can.
Have ever wondered if you could be saving by choosing one product over another, or if you were paying way too much for a particular item? You’d be surprised.
To help you make better choices and help save money on your grocery bill, here are 5 tips you should consider
**1. It’s all about demand and supply**
Generally, everyday consumables like milk, bread, eggs, margarine etc. are readily available and are unlikely to be significantly marked-up by supermarkets. On the same side of the coin, those items which are not fast moving goods, are likely to be priced higher. This is because smaller order quantities generally don’t allow for negotiated price discounts. Be sure to ask yourself if you could find that item somewhere else at a lower price because of large discounts that may have been negotiated.
**2. Don’t underestimate the power of the brand**
Just because a product is well advertised, does not necessarily mean it is much better than one that is not. When comparing products, scrutinize the labels of both products contents and see if the lower priced item is significantly different to the higher priced product. More often than not, certain brands just rely on fancy packaging and a good marketing team to make their products sell.
**3. Convenience VS good old slicing and dicing**
If you are often purchasing pre-cut or pre-packaged goods, you are likely to be paying significantly more for the convenience. Before buying a pre-packaged product, ask yourself if you could really just do it yourself. Which, in most instances, you can.
**4. Waste not, want not**
How often do you buy that pocket of potatoes or onions because it is neatly packaged, but it is actually far too much for you or your family to consume before the expiry date? Rather take the extra minute to select the one or three onions you need for the week, and have it weighed. This way, you are not paying for what you don’t use, and you don’t waste food.
**5. Personal Care Products**
Ever had a look at the price difference of shampoo and toothpaste between major supermarkets and pharmacies? You may be surprised that you could be paying less for personal care products from stores such as Clicks and Dis-Chem, rather than major supermarkets.
Making small adjustments in the way you buy groceries can have a big impact on your budget – the trick is just to start implementing them. Hopefully, with these top tips, your next stop to the grocery store will be less of a drag. Just think about all the money you’re saving!
Image Credit: extralifeclub.com
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