Post Office increase rates

The South African Post Office has recently increased their rates. And while this is not an unusual thing – they increse their rates annually – many customers across South Africa have expressed their disdain after the Post Office failed to publicly announce their rates increase. 
The new rates came into effect on the first of April, but many Post Office customers were completely blindsided by the increase.
This is because the Post Office did not release a press release (as they have done in the past) and, according to some reports, placards and brochures in the various Post Offices across the country have not been update to reflect the new prices.
The price increase also come at a time when the South African Post Office has been under intense scrutiny after it was revealed that SAPO was essentially bankrupt.
Amidst SAPO’s financial woes, the struggling Post Office also had to deal with illegal strikes by Post Office employees last year, and in February of this year, they were threatened with even more strikes.
If you have used the Post Office at all in recent times, it’s fair to say that the service is a far cry from what it once was. We have heard horror stories of people trying to send letters and packages to loved ones, only to find out that it has been stuck at a specific Post Office depot for months on end.
However, SAPO’s troubles is not linked to the rates increase – as we said, it happens annually; they just forgot to mention anything about it publicly.
Below is a list of the new rates. All rates have increased between 30c – 70c.
Small Ordinary Mail 

  • Increased from R3 to R3,30

Medium Mail 

  • Increased from R5,95 to R6,55

Large Mail 

  • Increased from R7,30 to R8,00

Other changes: 

  • SAPO has cancelled their Econo-Parcel option.
  • This mail size option has been increased from R22,80 to R40, 90.

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Source: Fin24