Top Legal Series on TV!

We’re all familiar with the law, often it can seem boring and unless you have had brushes with the law yourself. One thing we all know is that lawyers are expensive! No matter how trivial the matter, bills can quickly spiral out of control. Sometimes the law can be exciting though, that’s why we’ve put together the following list of our top Legal TV Shows:

  • Scandal – An American based legal drama series starring Kerry Washington. The series is an action packed thriller. From top political bureaucrats fixing elections to mysterious black ops company operating secretly under United States government. Through all the political drama the writers still managed to fit in some relationship drama between Kerry Washington as “Olivia Pope” and the American president. With many mind blowing twists throughout the seasons, this is a must watch!

  • The Practice – The Practice is a drama and comedy filled American legal series which is based around a Boston based law firm. The legal series covers the firms dealings with high profile criminal and civil cases of which, at the time, were relevant to cases that were being heard at the time the episodes were released.

  • Law & Order – Is a double sided action packed series with police procedural and legal drama. The series is shot in New York City, where they also include famous personalities of the town in repeated cameos as fictional characters to give the feeling of the skyscraper city.

  • Suits – Is shot in New York City about a fictional law firm. The plot revolves around a talented college dropout (Mike Ross) who is hired and groomed by the law guru himself (Harvey Specter)-without ever attending law school! The seasons are filled with a lot of drama, from the day to day running of the firm and dealing with high profile clients plus disputes with opposing firms, also never forgetting the friction brought upon by Mike Ross having a relationship with paralegal.

  • The Good Wife – Is yet another American series brewing with legal and political drama throughout. The storyline is of Alicia Florick the wife of Cooks Country State’s Attorney, who makes her comeback to her law career after sidelining her career after her husband was involved in public, political, corruption and sex scandal.

There comes a time in your life where you need to be educated about the law, however we are not all cut out for the law scene. If you find yourself needing a lawyer make sure you are covered to avoid movie like episodes in your own life.

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