Side Hustles To Increase Income Revenue

The benefits of having a side hustle are clear, but where do you begin and how do you make money?

Everybody is looking for a successful side hustle. Whether you’re living pay check to pay check, or you’ve managed to stash some money away for a rainy day everybody is looking for ways to increase their income, all for a variety of different reasons. Some people want to increase their income to save for major purchases like a house, others want to retire early, pay off their student loans or start their own business. The problem? How can you earn more money each month without having to spend countless hours extra trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t?

There are endless ways to make more money but not all of them are viable. If you’re aware of all the benefits of having a side hustle but are not sure where or how to begin. You will need to first choose a side hustle based on your existing skills or passions, as well as devote the right amount of time to see them through. Once you got your side hustle up and running you could potentially supplement your income by hundred even thousands of Rands. We have curated a list of the most popular ways to increase your income, so you can start side hustling today.


Drive for Uber Taxify

If you have a car and a clean driving record, then driving for Uber or Taxify is a no-brainer. You can choose your own schedule and payments reflect immediately. Simply download the app and sign up.


Sell Items Online

Thanks to the digital age we live in you can sell almost anything and everything online; either on bric-a-brac Facebook groups, second-hand stores or Gumtree – your possibilities of selling mediums are just as endless and the things you choose to sell. Get thrifty and snap a few pictures of things you have lying around or unused – you’ll be amazed at how quickly this can produce extra revenue. One mans trash really is another man’s treasure.


Arts, Crafts and Artisanal Goods

No longer a side hustle for kids, those of you with creative capabilities have an abundance of opportunities awaiting you. Whether your knitting socks, making dresses or baking vegan cakes all your goods can be sold at farmers markets, local stores, delis and craft fairs.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is exploding. Whether you’re a CEO of a big business or a sixteen-year-old girl – the world understands the importance of this seemingly frivolous medium. However, a lot of businesses although aware of the importance are unaware of how to use it effectively. Here is where you come in – being the natural social savvy individual you are you can charge clients to manage their social platforms. The best part of this side hustle is that you can do it remotely and your income supplement is almost instant.

Rent Our Your Space

With new property site such as Airbnb, making extra cash has never been easier. Introducing the option to rent out not only your house but individual rooms as well. Making it quick and inexpensive to make some money on the side. All you need is an extra room in your house that you don’t mind sharing. Then all you must do is download the app and sign up – it’s that easy.

Renting out your room or house can pull an extraordinary amount of extra income if your space is in a prime area or near tourist’s hotspots.


Freelancing is the side hustles best friend as it covers many different possibilities to make extra revenue.  It is even possible to freelance in the same industry you are currently in – however, be sure that it is not in violation of any clauses stated in your current contract.

One of the more popular forms of freelancing is writing, as almost every industry needs wicked and witty words to represent them for anything ranging from newsletters to blogs, or print to television. Also popular among the freelancing industry are designers, photographers, SEO analysts and stylists. If you are good at managing your time and meeting deadlines than freelancing in whichever field, you see fit may just be the lucrative side hustle you’ve been looking for.