Legal Cover – What is it? & How Can It Save You Money

Life is full of unexpected uncertainties and you never know when you may need the skills of a fearless lawyer in your back pocket to save you from your real-life courtroom drama. Why? Because you want to avoid the lengthy and often expensive process of trying to find a reputable lawyer to defend you. You may think legal issues will never affect you but just like in the movies these issues can happen to anyone. However, no matter what your legal issue may be having legal cover is like having a seasoned veteran of law in your corner – always ready and waiting to protect you from life’s knocks, both big and small.

We usually associate insurance with things like cars, homes, jewellery and other valuable items. Rarely associating insurance with legal issues but being involved in a legal dispute is never pleasant, and there are situations in your life where you will need to be legally covered – and legal insurance is the only way of ensuring you get the financial support you need to cover any costs associated with any legal dispute.

Legal cover is often offered as an optional benefit you can choose to add to your policy for an additional cost – and you should. It’s the type of insurance you can buy to protect yourself against legal action either brought by you or against you, as well as help you with other situations such as dealing with debt management, medical aid queries and a discount of property tariffs and property validation screen – and much more.

But what does legal cover actually help protect you from? And how exactly does it benefit me?

Legal insurance gives you access to professional telephonic and electronic legal advice, as well as access to consultations and legal representation. Legal cover also provides you with assistance if you need help drawing up legal documents and contracts. However, there are common benefits in which legal cover has protected the majority of South Africa’s from, such as;


New Home Legal Cover

Legal cover protects you from any legal action on your new home’s faulty foundations or structural defects in the building that the seller may not agree to any compensation or right to retract the sale.


Car Cover

Legal cover goes beyond your average car insurance and covers any legal accident claims and proceedings brought to you or by you.


Consumer Cover

Your legal cover can help you protect your right as a consumer if you have been unfairly treated or you wish to seek legal advice on how to approach a large company with your consumer concern.


Wrongful Dismissal

Being employed isn’t easy and while there are regulations put in place to protect you, legal cover ensures that if you are wrongly retrenched, dismissed or discriminated against you will have the proper legal representation to help claim reinstatement or compensation.


Family Cover

Legal cover ensures both the policyholder, their partner and their children are covered from any legal disputes – unfortunately no discounts are given for extended family members.

If by chance you do find yourself in any of the above situations, or in a legal situation you can’t quite understand – you will need legal cover. Your legal plan will cover all your legal expenses for all legal matters pertaining to South Africa. With exclusive access to free 24-hour-legal advice, for as little as R120 per month. Your Legal plan will cover your legal expenses up to R120,000.

If you are still not sure if it’s worth pursuing legal action, you may want to seek out legal advice first. However, getting advice from a lawyer can be costly – and if it turns out you don’t have a case you would have spent money on costly lawyer fees that you will never get back.

So, whether it is civil, criminal or labour related matters you should always budget monthly for a legal insurance policy because you never know what life has in stall for you around the corner – and it’s better to be prepared than scared.  Save yourself and your loved ones the future trouble, stress and finances of tomorrow, today – and sign up for Legal Cover now.