Your Christmas Financial Guide, Yes We Said Christmas

Your Christmas Financial Guide – What can Stay and What Can Go.

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? Maybe, but as we welcome the warmth of summer we can’t help but be reminded of the ever-nearing festive season. In the blink of an eye, 2018 will be a forgotten memory. However, before we can officially say goodbye to this fast-paced and somewhat challenging year, we have to get through Christmas first. You probably have given Christmas or its expenses a single thought…until now.
And what do you know now, just happens to be the perfect time to get your proactivity and silly season financial plan into order. It is better to be prepared rather than scared…right? And the silly season has the potential to scare all of us – especially when it comes to our wallets. If you wait too long to do your holiday prep, you may end up walking into 2019 miserable and broke.

To avoid missing out on all that Christmas cheer we have put together a list of four proactive ways to prepare yourself  Christmas financial guide.

Financial Frameworks

First things first, you need to get a grip on the framework of your Christmas festivities. You need to know exactly what Christmas 2018 is going to look like for you and your family. What does your overall picture look like – more than just where you are going or what it is you’re going to do but budgets, how much you still need to save, what your travel cost may be, what food you need to buy, decorations and presents you need to buy. You need to add up all your costs, draw up a mind map, pin it down or set up a budget or a to-do list.

Sharing is Caring

The silly season should not warrant overspending. The financial responsibility for Christmas should never fall solely on one person’s shoulders – even if you’re hosting the event. It is everyone’s Christmas and therefore everyone should play a part, everyone should contribute a little. Everyone should club in and pay a certain amount to cover the costs. It is the season of giving after all.

Frugal but Fun

Thrifty activities are always the best way to go when it comes to decoration and gift giving. Not only is it super affordable and adds a great personal touch to your festive evening, but it is also a fun way to get everyone to pull together and get in the Christmas spirit. Memories create add an invaluable touch to your festive season and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Improvement List

There is always room for improvement and perhaps there are already some things you would like to do differently next year. Things like travelling to far, overspending on gifts and deco – or not starting a budget for the season sooner. To avoid the same mishaps every year, start a next-year-improvement-list when Christmas is done and dusted. This allows you to remember and acknowledge the mishaps and financial missteps that you’re undoubtedly going to undergo this year so you can aim to avoid in 2019.
Remember folks Christmas is a time to relax, reconnect and unwind, it’s a time to be content with your financial situation and spend time with the people you love most. Therefore, it is important to plan and prepare ahead of time for the up and coming festivities to ensure you stay within your budget and not allow your debt to escalate. It is vital that you have a Christmas financial guide to help you through all the craziness the festive season brings.
Don’t delay being proactive this year – get going on your Christmas financial guide. To ensure a stress-free festive season this year visit our website for more helpful insights and tips that save you time and money.