Ways to Save This Summers

Summer is just around the corner and as we welcome the sunshine and warmth – we start to fill our weekends with a list of unique activities relative to our preferences, lifestyles, and budgets. These activities often include dining out, beach days, braais with friends, hikes and festivals, road trips and some well-deserved ‘down’ time. Even if you’ve already budgeted in anticipation of these summer expenses it’s never too late to save a few extra bucks.

Check out these simple ways to cut the cost of typical summer activities.


Safe Sun

In summer we spend more time outside, and sunscreen is a necessity for almost every summer activity. However, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on expensive name brands even if you have sensitive skin. There are two features you should look for when it comes to sunscreen – features that can make a difference to your wallet. Broad-spectrum coverage with avobenzone as an active ingredient; and that any SPF that is higher than 30 represents a negligible difference in protection.

Eat Your Heart Out

We end up eating out more in summer than any other time of the year, whether we’re away from home, entertaining friends or genuinely just too hot to cook – the silly season is filled with many fantastic food adventures. However, you don’t want to take out a second mortgage to cover your food costs – but there are ways to avoid it, a smart way to anticipate this increase is to stock up on restaurant gift cards, and discounts. There are even certain food and delivery apps that offer anywhere from 50% to 100% deals off dinners and certain meals on offer.

The Braai

Our favourite South African past time is about to take over our weekend – the braai. It might be a rite of passage, but your Saturday night braai can quickly turn from convenient to costly. Ways to save big spending on your braai? Include the grilling of more fresh garden vegetables and less meat. Your body, pocket and the environment will all thank you.

Adventures Await

Summertime is filled with adventures and activities, however, most of these places whether they be beaches, malls or amusement parks usually have a cover charge – one that is more expensive in summer than all year round. If there are certain activities or events that you simply have to go to, buy tickets for them long in advance, and miss the silly season increase.


Summer is also the prime time to get crafty. The perfect time to complete all those home repairs and intensive labour projects that you’ve been procrastinating the rest of the year. If you have a hefty list of do-it-yourself projects lined up for the summer consider planning and purchasing your supplies before the festive season hits an all-time high. Preplanning your DIY list will not only help you cover your bases but will also help you preeminent any extra costs that may occur along the way.
Whatever your summer activities are, ensure you have a well-thought-out plan to tackle all events, projects, and activities that are lined up head-on.  So no matter where your festive season takes you, you are financially prepared for all outcomes – both the expected and the unexpected.
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