Your January Financial to-do list

Your January Financial To-Do List

Whether you need to take a look at your budget or to take a serious look at debt consolidation January is the perfect time to make some much needed changes to your financial plan for 2019. Here are three simple things you can do to set yourself up for a prosperous financial year ahead. 

Free Credit Score Check 

Your credit score and your credit history are some of the most vital parts that make up your financial life. Your credit score will follow you forever and plays a major role in determining all financial decision you make. Thus, understanding your credit score limitation and areas of improvement will help you make better financial decisions moving forward. By biting the bullet and seeing what your score is, you will know where you can improve it remember the higher your score, the better your chances are you can get the products you want. Contact us today for your cost free credit score check.

Insurance Premiums

Your insurance premiums have an increasingly important role to play when it comes to your financial stability. This January contact your insurer to see whether there are ways to lower your insurance premiums – alternatively, contact us and let us help you with a variety of insurance product offerings and services, such as car insurance, life cover, medical aid and funeral cover. We can help ensure you head into a new year protected at a rate you can afford. 

Debt Consolidation

There is no better way to ease the financial pressure of January than through debt consolidation.  Debt consolidation instantly simplifies your finances by combining all your outstanding loans, credit card repayments and store accounts consolidated into one simple repayment – allowing you to have one reduced monthly instalment that extends your payment over a longer period reducing your interest rates and fees. 

A new year is a perfect time for a new start and nothing needs assistance more than your finances. These three steps are vital to ensuring a successful financial year head. However, If your new years’ resolution is to take your saving further or you’re looking for some professional personal advice for you and your finances – consider contacting one of our professional consultants who will talk you through a tailor-made solution to better your financial situation. Alternatively look at our personal loan options to help you get a quick fix on all your money matters.