5 Most Affordable Travel Destinations 2019

Want to save money and still see the world? Are you looking for travel destinations that have all the trimmings for half the price? This isn’t always easy especially in January as cash can be quite tight after the busy festive season. There are a variety of different places and spaces to experiences all of which are equally beautiful in their own right. But picking the perfect holiday destination can be daunting and even somewhat stressful as you weigh up all your options trying to determine what kind of holiday is right for you – and your wallet. Well you’re in luck – we and our partners at TravelStart are here to re-ignite your wanderlust for travel at prices you can afford.


Everyone should go to India at least once in their lifetime, the heart chakra of the world India has the power to move even the most dormant of souls. The land of milk and honey India is abundant in all that she offers, a sensory overload that has the power to keep you both rooted and present on all your adventures. India is a landmark of remarkable diversity, ancient tradition, artistic and religious heritage. You are bound to be taken by India, her dazzling colours, fragrant food and warm weather will shake your senses, ignite a curiosity and stir up unexpected corners of your soul.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit India is from October to March. India is large with diverse weather patterns. The Himalayas stop cold winds from reaching most of India so winters remain warm and summers can get very hot. The majority of India is tropical and is affected by three main seasons; summer, winter and monsoon. Budget around R500 for a nice double room and admission to museum sites as well as meals in a reasonable restaurant and basic public transport.

Budget:  Traveling to India is fairly cost effective – especially for South Africas. One should budget around R500 a day – this includes; a nice double room, admission to museum sites as well as meals in a reasonable restaurant and basic public transport.

Exchange rate: R1 = R5.26 Indian Rupees


Do you want to travel like a king without having to pay the royal price? Well, let us introduce you to Kefalonia in Greece – a destination fit for the Gods, a place to travel in luxury for a surprisingly low price that only gets lower outside of the peak seasons.

Kefalonia is a place where it is easy to lose yourself the worlds sunshine state, filled with European magic, Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian sea and a must see travel destination that isn’t too hard on the bank account. Fulfil all your European summer vacation dreams in Kefalonia, which has a pull much deeper and more visceral pull than meets the eye. A location that is fit for any traveller; young families, couples or nomadic nomads whoever you are you are bound to be seduced by Kefalonia’s ethereal undercurrents, her picturesque villages, fresh food, brilliant beaches and a mythical underworld. Greece is one of the most historically significant places in the world. From literature to scientific thought to government, Greece has offered the world a lot. Stroll the quaint streets, beach yourself on the pebble speckled shores or find yourself in the ruins of a lost world. Whatever your luxury vice is – Kefalonia will provide it for you.

Best Time To Visit: In peak season ( July and August ) you can expect prices to skyrocket, the weather to be scorching and the streets incredibly busy because tourists and local residents alike flock to frolic in the magic blue waters. Visiting in May, June or September will reward you with warm days, cooler nights and prices you can afford

Budget:  Although Greece is renowned for being an expensive holiday with a high exchange rate there is a way that you can experience Greece on a fairly reasonable budget – for a Europian holiday at least. The average budget for a ‘budget’ getaway in Greece will cost you around R600 – R800 a night and while this may sound like steep it’s almost a steal in Europian holiday standards.

Exchange rate: R1 = 15.50 Euro’s



Zanzibar is the perfect destinations for nature lovers, beach bums, culture vultures and adventure seekers. Zanzibar is the home of idyllic beaches, balmy weather and crystal waters with a colourful history and rich heritage add a vibrant dimension to the island. Filled with cobbled alleyways, UNESCO heritage sites and a captivating blend of mosques, market stalls and lively bazaars.

Best Time To Visit:  The best time to visit Zanzibar is between the months of July and September when it is warm and balmy, and then again in the popular dry season between the months of December and February. Zanzibar experiences a wet season, around the months of March, April and May. While there are expensive resorts in Zanzibar, you can still find some inexpensive bed & breakfasts and hostels in Stone Town that allows you to be right next to the Indian Ocean, where all the restaurants and fun is at half the price.

Budget: Tanzania is renowned for being a luxury feel holiday on a budget price. The average daily price one should budget for Zanzibar is R350 a day. However due to its low prices one can up grade their stay to a luxury one for an extra R200 a day. Now thats what we like to hear.

Exchange Rate: R1 = 168,66 Tanzanian Shillings


Turkey has long been the crossroads of two worlds, a collision of cultures, colours, food and tradition – A sprawling city where East literally meets West. A melting hot pot of things that excite the sensors, Turkey provides infinite possibilities on things to experience. Whether its the balloons ridding in Cappadocia, paragliding along the turquoise coastlines or strolling the streets of a city which human habitation dates back twenty-five thousand years. With something for everyone at a price, you can afford Turkey is the ultimate holiday destination.

Best Time To Visit: Istanbul and European Turkey experience hot summers and cold winters with snow being a common feature. Spring and autumn, from April to May and fromSeptember to mid November respectively, are the ideal times to visit Istanbul and the inland regions when temperatures are pleasant and the skies are clear.

Budget:Turkey is not expensive for a tourist who has a good sense of budget. Compared to prices both locally and internationally Turkey provides a holiday filled with all the trimming at a price you can afford. One should budget for around R340 – R400 a day.

Exchange Rate: R1 – 0. 39 Turkish Lira


Bulgaria, located in southeast Europe in the most northeast part of the Balkan Peninsula, is a mix of ancient cultures and modern lifestyle. There’s plenty to keep you busy, visit the Danube River and the Black Sea coast, where you’ll stumble upon intriguing festivals, local traditions and a profound spiritual heritage that has been passed from generation to generation. Spiritually profound and filled with colour and mystic that will keep you coming back for more.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Bulgaria is during the shoulder months from April – May, and September – October, as the weather will be pleasant, and the prices will be lower. The high season is summer, from June – August

Budget: Bulgaria is a place full of surprise, and that includes the price – for a European holiday rich with history, tradition and culture one can budget for around R357 to R400 a day.

Exchange Rate: R1 = O.12 Bulgarian Lev*

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