5 Back To School Saving Tips

School is no longer out for the summer and back to school bargains are at the forefront of almost every parent’s mind.  The cost of school supplies for the back to school rush can add up fast if you aren’t prepared for it. Whether it’s your child’s first day of school or if they are headed back for their final year,  these tips will help you ensure they start the year with everything they need at a price your wallet can afford.

Check Your List

Most schools provide you with a list of school supplies that your child needs for the year.  Do not do your back to school shopping without this list. If you do not have access to the official list given to you by your child’s school brainstorm your own list of the things you think they might need.  A list is essential for helping you stay on budget as it allows you to have a guide on what things are essential which stops you from buying unnecessary items.

If this is your child’s first year of school you will need to invest in some evergreen school supplies such as a backpack and a lunch box that your child will need to use throughout their educational career.

Current Supply Inventory

Once you have a good idea on what supplies are needed for the school year ahead its time to take an inventory of the supplies you currently have. You h=may have items left over from passion projects or supplies that didn’t get used in the years before. Do this inventory before going to the store and you’ll save yourself both time and money on back to school shop.

Fashion Forward

Children grow at a rapid rate and replacing their uniform seems like a monthly occurrence.  Before school starts pull out all their school kits and uniforms and have them try them on. While they may still grow over the summer you can start to sort out what still fits, what doesn’t and what needs to be replaced. This will give you time to plan and prepare their school uniform ahead of time. Consider visiting a store that sells gently used second-hand uniforms and school clothes, this way you get the look for less and head back to school with an A+ in savings.

Lunch Box

It might not be high on your back to school shopping list but if you’re budgeting for the long haul then it’s important to consider what you’re going to do for your kid’s lunch each day. Are you going to pack them lunch every day? or are you going to let them eat from the tuckshop? or a combination of both? All cost money and should be accounted for when considering your back to school budget.

Pay Cash

Once you’ve calculated your total back to school budget split the budget into amounts that you find affordable to manage each month – use this as your spend guide. Don’t get wrapped up in the mad dash to get everything done in one shot. If you plan correctly and budget your spending over the course of the summer holiday you will save money and tick everything off your list.

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