Who is SaveMoney?

SaveMoney is an online platform designed to help you find the most cost-effective provider for the things you want most the platform also offers advice, insights and ideas on how to make the most of your money.

SaveMoney is a one of a kind online platform birthed from our founder’s deep desire to put South Africans back in control of their finances. Through our fast and easy to use web portal, our skilled digital marketing team and back-end technical expertise, we provide you with some of South Africa’s best products and services that save you both time and money. Utilizing numerous digital and direct marketing tools to drive traffic to our portal, SaveMoney has significant reach across the full spectrum of the South African market.  SaveMoney also offers a wide range of values up to date news articles, tips and financial tools to help you save money.

A SaveMoney Story

Everybody knows there are a few hot-button topics that have the power to make even the tamest dinner conversation go nuclear: Religion, health, death, and politics. However, it is money that is perhaps the most difficult topic of them all. Money is the leading cause of stress in our lives we all have queries, questions, needs, and concerns about money that go unanswered as we don’t feel comfortable discussing them. This is the driving point for what would become us – SaveMoney

Everyone has a different relationship with money, and different issues that they face, whether its personal loans or mortgage payments. Our contributing factors of financial stress may differ but the biggest we all share a common money issue – avoidance.  We need to stop avoiding and start talking. Exposing our culture of money avoidance is the first step to eliminating our problems. By promoting these types of conversation, we can help each other engage and find solutions to whatever financial challenge we might face – because the truth is we all have them.